Grean Acres HomesteadAs the proprietor of Green Acres Homestead,  LLC,  Mark Montalban has co-owned a small home on a 1/3 acre lot in the New North End of Burlington, Vermont since 2013 with the intent of redesigning the homestead into a place of sustainable living including growing a varieties of foods. Since then we have produced enough kombucha, kimchee, water kefir, eggs, chicken meat, hard cider, honey mead, gluten free stout, herbal salves and infused oils. to avoid needing to purchase these items at the often high market price.  Through our introductory homesteading parties there has developed an interest to share what we have and continue to learn about developing a permaculture model for the urban home.  We have planned classes around some of these items and products to sell.

The additional changes from last year include:

  1. Solar cells addition for our south facing roof
  2. Harvesting of our pond based fish
  3. Growth of hops for beer brewing and hop pillows and sachets.
  4. Conversion of all standard grass into a combination of bee meadow, cover crop, and mixed clover
  5. Additional front hedging (natural fencing) with berry and fruit bushes.
  6. Maturing of our grape vines to develop into a personal brewed wine.

For the 2018 year, we are still exploring adding rabbits to our homestead.