Fall 2019 Update

As I’ve been mentioning to customers, Green Acres Homestead is an urban permaculture, expanding in both its products and information. I keep my items very affordable and occasionally need to increase the prices. As of November there has been an increase in the non-perishable, mailable products. And adding 3 more […]

In the midst of Summer

Finally finding time to update and inform folks of how Green Acres Homestead is doing.  This is the summer where rainbarrels take the edge of needing to use municipal water, but a daily routine of early morning and evening watering is necessary.  Early August and the hops planted are growing […]

Items and events update

It has been quite a well since I’ve send out a blog but definitely long overdue. I will be adding the following items for sale, all of them none perishable: 2oz glass bottles of oils of oregano, tulsi, lavender, peppermint, and bergamot; all of them organically grown and processed through […]

Entering a new life

Extremely busy with both the Green Acres Homestead and my other employment in a school district has meant that keeping my web site updated could only happen after life slowed down.  I’m not sure if life has slowed down but after many months,  I finally have time to bring present […]

returning after an absence

Our homestead is presently facing some challenges, one relevant to this page, the ability to expand with limited resources into a broader market.  We hear positive reviews till this point in our venture, yet much uncertainty concerning what commitments will transpire concerning sales to caterers, a wider on-line and delivery […]

What to do with your eggshells.

I have had a habit of drying out the used eggshells, grinding them in a coffee mill and adding then to them potting soil for growing spring starts.  Now in these mid winter days,  I add them to an oatmeal dish I feed the chickens with.  I first add 1/2 […]

Growing Tulsi (Holy Basil)

Everyone is very aware of regular basil, even the growing purple variety, that are added to make sauces or pestos.  There is a very special type of basil known as Tulsi, often called Holy Basil, that has been clinically shown to alleviate depression, anxiety, repair damaged skin, nerves, muscles, and […]

Understanding celebration and community

This morning,  I awakened to a clean house helped by friends who left our party last night.  The significance of this allowed me to be present and really reflect on several people who could not attend my birthday/homestead celebration for the reason as given by their own words, depression over […]

Preparing the Birthday Cake/Listening to Joy Harjo

This evening I’m letting the cashews soak overnight for what will be the vegan, gluten free frosting part of a vegan, gluten free carrot cake for tomorrow’s birthday/new moon party. I’m putting the finishing touches to the new moon ritual which for me symbolizes the change to begin anew, or […]

The importance of Chaga

As a cancer survivor and one learning tremendously the importance of what is readily available in nature,  I have studied about Chaga.  Found often around birch, or  groves, and locally in stands found in the foothills of Vermont, this very rugged blacken fungi is easy to collect, dry and store. […]