To become a creative spirit in one’s healing

I’ve been asked recently if the work I’m putting into producing our products is enjoyable, a goal toward self sufficiency,  a means of self-employment, or chance to remove myself from recent dramas in my life or a world that appears to have loss a sense of caring at times.   At first I wanted to respond that it was a bit of all the above, but as I sat down to write this,  I earnestly felt a deeper purpose for the commitment  I’ve made.  For healing and I think this term is more than those of us who have experienced terrible trauma, but inclusion of all those who have reached a point in their lives where some type of dogma or time of busyness just becomes another time of avoidance, and we view that a purpose of learning and growing is now necessary.  We can then become the creators of our souls or place of earnest existence.  I call this becoming a creative spirit in one’s healing.   And I know and have seen those who react from those seeking a better purpose, stronger collective connection, or simply a place which can leap forward, attacking this mode of thinking as magical thinking or unscientific spiritualism.  It reminds me of a nihilism that wants to attack the unknown in order to regulate what we don’t know.  Our creativeness  can only be understand fully but us.  Can we sit with what has made life uncomfortable in order to build upon the self like a home that never fails but rather welcomes us ….home.