Entering a new life

Extremely busy with both the Green Acres Homestead and my other employment in a school district has meant that keeping my web site updated could only happen after life slowed down.  I’m not sure if life has slowed down but after many months,  I finally have time to bring present what is happening at the Homestead and other related businesses.

  1. I have decided that with the exception of Kombucha which I do sell in the half gallon growlers,  all other drinks, like Honey Lemon Chaga Tea,  Lemon Ginger Water Kefir, will be sold in the solid 16 oz juice bottles with the high quality golden metal screw tops.  And on hot days, they have been going quickly.
  2. Adding Black Walnut Bark, a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial item, to the Mark’s Herbal Salve is the final link to a salve which can be used for almost beneficial health situation.  The oil of oregano has started to be process through steam filtration which shows a much higher intensity.  Hopefully this market has room to grow,  presently it does.