In the midst of Summer

Finally finding time to update and inform folks of how Green Acres Homestead is doing.  This is the summer where rainbarrels take the edge of needing to use municipal water, but a daily routine of early morning and evening watering is necessary.  Early August and the hops planted are growing fast and actually hops are developing by the hundreds.  The serrano peppers are plenty for the kimchee while the cabbage is growing growing slower than expected.  I learned that the Napa cabbage could not handle the heat and bolted early, leaving me with green cabbage which is fine.  I getting small but good tubers of ginger for a variety of my products, again a good soaking every few days by either hose or watering can from my barrels, are important.  Yesterday I had the chance to sell my honey lemonade, made from homegrown meyer’s lemons and fresh extracted honey along with my Berkey filtered water.  I was a big seller in the hot weather (62 cups sold).  I have nearly 3 gallons left for future sale, kept fresh in mason jars in my mini fridge.  I sold half of the glass honey jars brought to the market also.  I plan on slimming the items for the next market and will have ginger Kombucha, lemon ginger water kefir, honey lemon chaga tea, herbal salve, and if the honey vendor is again absent, the raw honey and honey lemonade.  The weather should be cooler by then.  It is also a summer which I’m providing a variety of products for 11 weddings, 1 anniversary, and 3 other events.  The fall homesteading party which will be celebrating Fall Equinox, is on Saturday, September 22, from 4pm-12mid.  I look forward to it.