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An urban homesteader, dad, musican, artist, dancer, cancer survivor, always appreciative of the simple things in life.

Navigating A Price Increase

The Boston Amber Phamaceutical glass, the best quality for preservation of our tinctures, syrups, salves, & oils has gone up 50% in the last 2 years while our prices stayed the same.  Glassware bottles for our lacto-fermented drinks went up 60% during the same time period! Costs for our recyclable […]

February Newletter

This winter has had wide swings in weather, and the Homestead has kept up,  having a stable temperature in the greenhouse, chicken & duck coops, and keeping the rabbit hatch insulated away from the wind. Having plenty of unfrozen water is always important.  The 2nd & 4th Friday, winter month […]

Updating Website

We will be updating our website to share more detailed information on our oils, salves, and tinctures in addition to suggested benefits in both posts and the order cart.  Remember this is not medical information though world-wide clinical peer review studies can be referenced if requested.  As an informed customer, […]

Winter Season at the Green Acres Homestead

Greetings! It has been awhile since I added anything to the Homestead blog. Though I’m dealing with COVID guidelines through the state of Vermont, business is growing this winter season through local deliveries, on-line sales, and the Saturday winter market at the VFW Hall on Exchange Street in Middlebury 9-2pm, […]

Homestead Preparation for Spring

It has been a very busy winter season with home deliveries in the Burlington area, online sales and two winter farmer markets, Middlebury and Northfield.  I decided not to try day vending in Dorset because of the long distance, wear and tear of my vehicle, and well. winter weather.  The […]

End of the year ruminati

Though it would appear to the outside observer that Green Acres Homestead is entering a time of hibernation, that could not be further from the truth.  This morning soon after dawn, I checked the temperature & humidity of the lit and heated greenhouse; went out to it and checked how […]

Home Delivery Process

Hello, For those customers making orders for their work location or home, please order through this web site.  For first time deliveries, I will refund the shipping (delivery charges).  The following items can be delivered (coolers are important for perishables): Vegan Kimchee, Honey-Lemon Chaga, Lemon-Ginger Water Kefir, Ginger Kombucha, Fire […]

Fall 2019 Update

As I’ve been mentioning to customers, Green Acres Homestead is an urban permaculture, expanding in both its products and information. I keep my items very affordable and occasionally need to increase the prices. As of November there has been an increase in the non-perishable, mailable products. And adding 3 more […]

In the midst of Summer

Finally finding time to update and inform folks of how Green Acres Homestead is doing.  This is the summer where rainbarrels take the edge of needing to use municipal water, but a daily routine of early morning and evening watering is necessary.  Early August and the hops planted are growing […]