Mushroom Tinctures

Most mushrooms tinctures consist of an alcohol base, 35-45% , because of the quick and easy extraction process available.  Yet many people for a variety of reasons can’t use an alcohol based tincture.  The non-alcohol extraction process is both pressurized and using vegetable-based glycerin.  Its a longer process but keeps the tincture fresh for 2 years versus 4 years for alcohol-based.  In developing my first mushroom tincture, using Blue Deva Oyster , I used this process.  To give a more beneficial taste in addition to expanding the medicinal properties, the Homestead grown ginger was infused into the product.  The beneficial results can lower blood pressure without any documented contraindication , improve digestion, and help resolve other gut issues.  The first bottles will be available both on line and the winter Middlebury Farmers Market, starting March 19.