February Newletter

This winter has had wide swings in weather, and the Homestead has kept up,  having a stable temperature in the greenhouse, chicken & duck coops, and keeping the rabbit hatch insulated away from the wind. Having plenty of unfrozen water is always important.  The 2nd & 4th Friday, winter month deliveries have been going well, but I can’t add new oyster mushroom or egg orders to customers not already receiving them.  Though we have enough stored pepitas (Mexican pumpkin seeds), we have finished our stored sundried tomato  inventory.  We should sell out of the sundried tomato nut-free pesto before end of month, but our basil/parsley tree-nut free pesto should be available till at least early April.  I will be planting pepitas by the seed on town meeting day (March 1), which means large plants to take out in the spring and a new crop by August 1.  Our season for rthe pesto seems to be early August till late February for Sundried Tomato Pesto; early August till early April for the Basil/Parsley Pesto.  I will be confirming a 5th summer market site soon, so hoping to give everyone the summer schedule (May-October), here, on twitter, facebook, instagram, & in mini-calendar handouts at the market.  Stay healthy and hope to see everyone soon.